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Copper Alloy

Copper and its alloys are widely used in deep draw and flat stamped products because they have excellent electrical and thermal performance, good resistance to corrosion, high ductility and relatively low cost. Copper is non-magnetic, non-sparking and non-bacterial. Because it is low in the reactivity series, it is slow to corrode. With medium strength and high fatigue resistance, copper and its alloys are primary metals for electrical applications. Copper has a density of 8.94 g/cm3 , or .323 lb/cu.in., elastic modulus of 115 GPa, or 17x 10^6 psi, and melting temperature 1083°C, or 1981°F. With a thermal conductivity of about 231 BTU/ (hr-ft- deg F), it is 30 times more conductive than steel. Available forms are Copper Alloy Pipes & Tubes, Copper Alloy Round Bars, Copper Alloy Sheets & Plates, Copper Alloy Pipe Fittings, Copper Alloy Forged Fittings, Copper Alloy Fasteners, Copper Alloy Valves, Copper Alloy Flanges.

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